Which EXO member earns the most, the least – and who just bought a building?

Which EXO member earns the most, the least – and who just bought a building?

The K-pop boyband members shared that they would get the person who made the most money to pay for meals.

EXO 6 members
EXO. (Photo: Facebook/weareoneEXO)

We now know which EXO member makes the most money and which one makes the least. Assuming, that is, the boys were telling the truth when they spilled the beans during an episode of Korean TV talk show, Radio Star, on Thursday (Dec 4).

The six active members of the group – Suho, Baekhyun, Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun and Kim – appeared on the show.

It started when the hosts brought up the fact that Suho and Baekhyun had named themselves as EXO's biggest earners.  

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Suho responded that the members constantly tell each other “You earn more than I do” as the person who earns more has to pay for meals.

He added: “So they’ll say, ‘Suho, I heard you’re doing a musical? Treat us to a meal!’ and I’ll say, ‘But you did such-and-such solo activity recently.’ Then they’ll say, ‘Oh, but I did that for free.'”

The EXO leader then quipped, “But Baekhyun’s solo album sold over 500,000 copies.”

Suho explained that his extra income comes from “musicals, movies and other miscellaneous things,” to which Kim added: “Musicals pay well.”

As for who among the band earned the least, both Kai and Chanyeol claimed that title.

Kai said he named himself the lowest earner because he doesn’t do “a lot of solo activities.”

Chanyeol shared that he had been investing a lot, and became the owner of a building two months ago, which has made him feel “a lot more relaxed.”

He clarified that the difference between the members may not be a lot. He said: “To be honest, it’s not like one member earns a lot less than the others or one member has a much higher income. But some members have released solo albums and things like that.”

Source: CNA/sr