'I have hope': James Marsden on Westworld character's love life

'I have hope': James Marsden on Westworld character's love life

Hollywood star James Marsden spoke with Teresa Tang and Lance Alexander, hosts of First Look Asia, about his career that spans more than two decades.

james marsden and evan rachel wood in westworld

SINGAPORE: Will James Marsden get the girl this time?

Judging from his on-screen track record, chances may be quite slim. The star's on-screen love life has been less than stellar, especially in his roles in The Notebook and The Best of Me.

But the actor is hopeful his character Teddy Flood, in science fiction thriller series Westworld, will buck that trend.

“There are a lot of people out there theorising about where this is going, what it all means and who’s a robot and who’s not. I find that the show is most satisfying when you just let it all unfold in its organic time. That said, I have hope that they will be together, I love the emotional connection that they have,” he said of Teddy's relationship with Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood.

In Singapore to promote the series, Marsden made his first media stop at Channel NewsAsia's studios.

james marsden with firstlook asia hosts

Hollywood star James Marsden with First Look Asia hosts Lance Alexander and Teresa Tang. (Photo: Channel NewsAsia)

Speaking to First Look Asia hosts Teresa Tang and Lance Alexander on Tuesday (Nov 29), the 43-year-old actor said while it was an honour being voted GQ’s Handsomest Man in the world, he is not entirely comfortable with the title.

“I just wish that my 15, 16-year-old self in high school knew that because that really wasn’t the case. I wasn’t that guy growing up,” he revealed.

After two decades in show business, Marsden certainly believes that hard work and eventually pay off.

“It’s all about having longevity, doing good work and keep getting to do good work throughout your career,” he said.

Now that filming for his latest Rob Reiner movie Shock and Awe has ended, Marsden is looking forward to his next big project - and he said he will not say "no" to an Asian film, if the right one comes along.

Catch the full interview here.

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