Alamak! IKEA Singapore owns up to website blunder and sells misprinted bags for cheap

Alamak! IKEA Singapore owns up to website blunder and sells misprinted bags for cheap

“At IKEA, it’s ok to make a mistake” so reads the sign at its stores, as the furniture giant turns a negative to a positive by selling its “limited, unique, alamak” KLAMBY bags.

IKEA SINGAPORE's KLAMBY reusable bags with the website misprint. (Photo: IKEA SINGAPORE online store)

Talk about making lemonade when life gives you lemons.

Eagle-eyed shoppers at IKEA have spotted misprinted KLAMBY bags on sale at the furniture giant’s online store, as well as its physical stores at Alexandra Road and Tampines.

Ikea Singapore website mistake
(Photo: Alicia Cho/Facebook)

IKEA Singapore apparently printed the wrong website URL (where it was missing a letter) on its KLAMBY reusable bags – which sees the print reading instead of which is the legitimate website.

A photo posted by Facebook user Alicia Cho showed the bags on offer at the brick-and-mortar store for S$1.90, with the Swedish chain marketing them as being "limited" and "unique" complete with a cheeky colloquial “alamak” nod with references to the typo blunder.

IKEA Singapore website blunder
(Photo: Alicia Cho/Facebook)

The sign reads as such: “At IKEA it’s OK to make a mistake. We printed the wrong website address on the KLAMBY reusable bag but because it’s reusable we won’t scrap them. They’re limited edition and they won’t be back!”

Ikea Singapore website mistake
(Photo: IKEA Singapore online store)

At IKEA's online store, the misprinted bags are also featured, complete with the company’s traditional polished photoshoot treatment.

All of which indicates that IKEA Singapore has not only fully copped to their mistake, but they have also embraced it by turning a negative to a positive and resisted throwing away the bags in order to help preserve the environment.

All in keeping with the spirit of the KLAMBY bags, which are reusable after all.

Source: CNA/gl