In-the-know, on-the-go with the new 938NOW

In-the-know, on-the-go with the new 938NOW

938NOW conty
 938NOW has expanded its content to include more tips and insights from experts. (Photo: Mediacorp)

SINGAPORE: 938NOW, the station formerly known as 938LIVE, has refreshed its programme and presenter line-up to give listeners quick news updates and bite-size information on-the-go.

As Singapore’s leading English news and information station, 938NOW has expanded its content to include more tips and insights from experts in the fields of business, finance, health and wellness, medicine, parenting, food, technology, leisure, sports and travel.

Lead, Audience & Content for the English Segment in Mediacorp Michelle Chang said: “As Singapore evolves into a smart city, there are more questions than answers about how technology is changing behaviour and is affecting education, jobs and our way of life. This is where 938NOW comes in.

"Our presenters will help listeners understand how the implications of current issues affect them."

Donna Cheng, Programme Director of 938NOW added: "Given our busy lifestyles, what most people would like today is information that cuts through the clutter.

"The refreshed 938NOW will deliver expert insights, relevant and timely tips and know-how for our listeners. The content will also be made available online so listeners can access it whenever and wherever they want it."

Kicking things off from 6am to 10am is the trio delivering Your Morning Fix Susan Ng, Paul Sng and Keith de Souza. Listeners can get ready for the business day with news, business insights and quick tips to gear up for the work day.

Presenters (L to R): Eugene Loh, Daniel Martin, Keith de Souza, Suzan Ng, Paul Sng, Timothy Go, Charlotte Mei. 

Between 10am and 2pm, Daniel Martin will host Body & Soul and The Working Lunch. During the lunch hour, Daniel will introduce highly informative and thought-provoking segments to help listeners push through the midday grind and charge up for the rest of the workday.

From 2pm to 6pm, radio host Eugene Loh helms the afternoon belt with On The Scene. With his ears to the ground and fingers on the pulse of our city-state, Eugene will keep listeners plugged in to the latest events in Singapore – the must-sees and must-haves.

The evening drive time belt between 6pm and 9pm will be helmed by familiar face - former Channel NewsAsia anchor Timothy Go with fresh face Eat List Star finalist Charlotte Mei.

Your Evening Escape wraps up the workday with quick news recaps, daily doses of travel, inspirational interviews as well as the latest updates on technology and gadgets, including a daily gastronomic journey into the world of food by host Charlotte. 

Source: CNA/mn