MasterChef Singapore unveils judges lineup

MasterChef Singapore unveils judges lineup

MasterChef Singapore
(From left) MasterChef Singapore judges Damian D'Silva, Audra Morrice and Bjorn Shen. (Photo: MasterChef Singapore)

SINGAPORE: Contestants on MasterChef Singapore will have their food critiqued by a panel of three judges - chefs Bjorn Shen, Damian D'Silva and Audra Morrice. 

The judges lineup was announced on Wednesday (Apr 18), ahead of the show's premiere on Sep 2 at 9.30pm on Mediacorp's Channel 5. 

All three judges are well known in the food and dining scene. 

Mr Shen is best known as the chef and owner of popular restaurant Artichoke. He has also been on TV shows such as Mediacorp Channel 5's Eat List Star, Channel NewsAsia's Savouring the Future and made a guest appearance on MasterChef Asia.

Ms Morrice is also no stranger to the MasterChef world, having been a finalist in the 2012 Australian edition of the cooking competition. She was one of three judges on MasterChef Asia, and now runs a catering business in Sydney. 

As for Mr D'Silva, he's known to champion Singapore heritage food and is currently the executive chef of Folklore, a restaurant that features a Eurasian-Peranakan menu. 

“It's about time MasterChef came to Singapore. We are a nation of very proud home cooks, and I'm sure many of my fellow Singaporeans have been waiting a long time to show off their chops on a TV show of this level," said Mr Shen. 

Apart from airing on Mediacorp's Channel 5, the series will also be available on Toggle's video-on-demand service. 

The nationwide casting call for contestants has closed and it drew an "overwhelming response" from people from all walks of life, said MasterChef Singapore. 

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