Praise, cynicism after Fan Bing Bing helps injured boy

Praise, cynicism after Fan Bing Bing helps injured boy

The Chinese actress helped carry a young boy injured in a road accident to hospital after witnessing the incident while filming a variety show.

HANGZHOU: Actress Fan Bing Bing garnered praise from netizens for helping a boy hurt in a road accident to the hospital, reported Chinese media.

Fan was in the middle of filming the Chinese variety show Challengers Union on Monday (Jun 15) when she witnessed a road accident that left a five-year-old boy injured in his mouth.

The actress took it upon herself to carry the boy to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment. She was accompanied by the boy’s teacher and a police officer. Fan registered the boy after they arrived at the hospital and informed his parents.

While some Weibo users praised Fan for helping the boy, others said deemed it a "publicity stunt" and said it was too much of a coincidence, after the Challengers Union production team posted a series of photos of her with the boy on their Weibo micro blog.

Source: CNA/ha