Singapore actress Rebecca Lim lands role in faith-based movie

Singapore actress Rebecca Lim lands role in faith-based movie

In the movie 100 Yards, Lim plays a nurse who shows grace and compassion to a college athlete when he goes in search of his missing mother in the Philippines, only to find that he has an illness.

Rebecca Lim

SINGAPORE: Mediacorp actress Rebecca Lim has landed a role in a Filipino-US-Singapore movie. Titled 100 yards, the faith-based sports drama will be directed by indie film-maker Dale Fabrigar and will feature stars from both the United States and Asia.

Channel NewsAsia understands that the 29-year-old Singaporean actress will be playing the love interest of actor-model Steven Brewis, and will be leaving for Cebu in June for a 10-day shoot.

100 Yards tells the story of a famous but flawed college athlete who turns down a place in American football’s NFL to search for his missing mother in the Philippines, only to find out he has an illness that takes him on an unexpected journey where he meets Lim’s character Brittany, a kind nurse who shows him grace and compassion when he needs it the most.

"When I was in the school hockey team, my coach would always make an effort for us to watch faith-building sports movies during our competition period to psych us up for the season. We were always so inspired and motivated by them,” said Lim.

The film is expected to be shot on location in both the United States and Philippines, with principal photography slated to begin next month.

"I am very excited but at the same time, a little nervous. But I know this 'nervousness' is a sign of growth - to be placed in an environment that I'm not used to, I know I'm going to be learning a lot! And I'm looking forward to that," said Lim.

"I feel so blessed that I am able to have a job that allows me to learn new things every single day. Sometimes gradually, sometimes exponentially. I hope that people will see that this film is about passion, perseverance and faith. And that dreams can come true, but there are no short cuts. It's a great reminder to myself too, to never give up, no matter how tough it may seem."

The co-production between the Singapore, US and the Philippines is the first Asian/Western collaboration that aims to tap on a burgeoning market for faith-based films.

“There’s a bustling urge for inspirational content and the faith-based market in the United States and the idea of supplying this demand through a cross-cultural context is immensely compelling to us as investors and filmmakers," said producer Justin Deimen in a press release.

Source: CNA/dl