9 new ways to spoil your pet: From Le Creuset dog bowls to luxury cat condos

9 new ways to spoil your pet: From Le Creuset dog bowls to luxury cat condos

The fifth annual Pet Expo featured new ways for pet owners to indulge their fur kids. 'Tingkat' food delivery and 'nasi lemak' little Princess? Why not?

Pet Expo 2018
This year's Pet Expo drew a crowd of 28,612 hoomanz (and their pets). (Photo: Pet Expo 2018)

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SINGAPORE: If there is one thing we learned after visiting Pet Expo this year, it is that Singaporeans love to pamper and spoil their fur kids.

The fifth edition of the annual event, which was held over the weekend at the Singapore Expo, drew a crowd of 28,612 hoomanz (they’ve yet to tally how many four-legged or winged visitors dropped by but it’s probably around the same as the 8,000 pets back in 2017).

And according to Vincent Yap of MP Singapore, which organised the event, pet parents can spend anywhere from S$500 to S$4,000 at one of these events.

We seriously doubted they were spending it all on cat litter or dog kibble – so we walked around the area to find out what else there was on offer. Here are some of the pet products and services we discovered at the event, so you, too, can spoil your fur kid silly.



Pet Expo Good Dog People Fashion Accessories
Good Dog People's fashion accessories include bandanas and personalised silver dog tags. (Photo: Mayo Martin)

Good Dog People (GDP) sells some really fancy stuff for dogs, from duck foie gras snacks to “health food sprinkles” (think: all-natural food powder for picky pooches) to genuine handmade Le Creuset dog bowls. But what makes the six-month-old local company stand out is its line of fashion accessories.

Done in collaboration with Singapore designers and labels such as Thomas Wee, Binary Style and ohpopdog, these include bandannas and collars, which range from S$29 to S$65. Not fancy enough for you? They sell personalised silver dog tags at S$188 – a collaboration between GDP’s Terry Peh, Singapore’s “Godfather of Fashion” Daniel Boey and Carrie K’s Carolyn Kan. 

And it’s all for a good cause, too: 10 per cent of proceeds from the local accessories go to Action For Singapore Dogs. https://gooddogpeople.com/


Pet Expo Organic Lifestyle Products
US brand kin+kind's products include organic deodorising candles, moisturisers and premier shampoos. (Photos: kin+kind)

Scented candles for your dog? Check. Moisturiser? Check. Spoiled rotten? Double check.

American brand kin+kind, which is distributed in Singapore by Howlistic Life, is like Goop for pets. Among their products: Various deodorising candles made with 100 per cent soy wax and cotton wicks, which not only calms the animals down but are free of toxic lead and paraffin; Nose&Paw moisturiser made with jojoba oil and shea butter; and a range of premier shampoos, which are sulfate- and paraben-free, including a non-scented one especially for cats.

The shampoo goes for S$28 while the candles and moisturiser goes for S$18. http://www.howlisticlife.com/


Pet Expo Cat Condo Teepee
Korean brand Luxypet's modular cat trees (left) and Thai brand WilaaMalin's teepees. (Photos: Luxypet, WilaaMalin)

You’ve heard of modular furniture – how about modular furniture for cats? 

Local pet company Silversky distributes some pretty upscale cat condos by Korean brand Luxypet. Its Aaron Tower series range from S$235 for the basic cat tree to one that pulls out the stops at S$720. They’re made from pine and beech wood, which are both UV-coated and water-proofed.

Alternatively, Thai company WilaaMalin makes these adorable pet teepees, which range from S$89 to S$139 – and if your pet decides to ignore these, you can simply insert a lamp inside and turn these into a statement piece in your living room.

http://www.silversky.com.sg (for Luxypet enquiries) and https://wilaamalin.com/


Pet Expo Wholesome Paws
Wholesome Paws' food offerings include (clockwise from top left) bone broth, raw meat (which they deliver) and even otak-otak, which they showcased at the Pet Expo. (Photo: Wholesome Paws)

Bone broth, otak-otak, duck feet – local artisanal pet kitchen and bakery Wholesome Paws offers fancy food, and they’ll even bring them to your house.

The company delivers raw meat packaged into daily portions, which are measured based on your dog’s weight, metabolism, and other factors. They also use organ meats like heart and kidney, which are packed with nutrients.

Expect to pay a bit more for the quality, though. A month’s worth of daily food packets for a 10kg dog will cost S$200. Their bone broth – which is high in collagen – comes in S$500ml bottles and costs S$12 each. https://www.wholesomepaws.co/


Pet Expo Barking Good
Local pet bakery Barking Good makes personalised cakes for that special birthday. (Don't worry, it's all meat inside). (Photo: Barking Good)

Your cat or dog celebrating his or her birthday soon? Throw a party and splurge on a fancy cake.

Among the handful of pet bakeries in Singapore is Barking Good, which makes everything from cupcakes and pizzas to canapes. They also sell some unusual dog treats such as nasi lemak, bak kut teh and durian.

Their cakes are, naturally, made of meat, with potato or sweet potato frosting. And they are so cute. These customised cakes range from S$55 to S$140. https://barkinggood.sg/


Pet Expo Pet Bed
Australian brand Henry Hottie's beds are reputedly the "safest pet bed in the world.”

If you really want to make sure your cat or dog is getting a good night’s sleep, consider the Henry Hottie brand from Australia, which aims to be the “safest pet bed in the world”, said its managing director Michelle Cummins.

Distributed in Singapore by Paws Avenue, it is the first pet bed made of non-toxic, water-repellant fibre, which supposedly makes it cool in the summer and warm in, erm, air-conditioned Singapore homes.

Best for incontinent, old or post-operative dogs and cats, their new line was just featured at the Pet Expo. Prices range from S$225 (small dogs/cats) to S$335 (big dogs) https://pawsavenue.sg


Pet Expo Jalon Tan Artist
Artist Jalon Tan can do portraits of your pet. (Photo: Mayo Martin)

Why take a photo of (or with) your furry companion when you can get a someone to actually paint a portrait?

Since last year, Singaporean artist Jalon Tan has been slowly carving out a unique niche as as pet portrait artist (he also does human portraiture and pet-friendly contemporary art).

Prices for his portraits range from S$300 (A5-size) to S$400 (A4) and, yes, he swears he can do live portraiture as well. With a fussy cat? Good luck with that! https://www.instagram.com/jalonjalon


Pet Expo Nekoya Cat Hotel
No dogs allowed at Nekoya Cat Boarding Hotel. (Photos: Nekoya Cat Boarding Hotel)

There are a handful of pet hotels in Singapore that cater to both cats and dogs, but Nekoya Cat Boarding Hotel, the sister company of local online pet store Nekojam, is touted as the first capsule hotel dedicated to kitties – which is great, considering how notoriously private they can be.

Unlike most cat boarding houses, this is also the only one found within a shopping centre. It’s got air-conditioned private cabins, huge glass windows, grooming and spa services, and constant floral homeopathy and soothing music so your furry little baby gets a thoroughly chilled-out experience.

There is always a concierge on duty and the staff are all either experienced cat sitters or ex-veterinary nurses. The hotel can even send you regular updates and photos of what your cat’s been up to while you're travelling.

Nekoya is located at Centropod, 80 Changi Road; and KAP Residences Mall, 9 King Albert Park. Rates range from S$20 for a half-day stay to S$60 per night (for twin sharing). They can also do long term cat care from S$20 a night. https://nekoya.co/


Pet Expo Doga
Pawfully Fit holds 45-minute yoga sessions you can do with your dog. No lotus position involved. (Photo: Mayo Martin)

That’s “dog yoga” for the uninitiated – although it doesn’t actually mean your furkid getting into a lotus position.

Pawfully Fit holds 45-minute yoga sessions that adults can attend with their big or small dogs. While it is obviously good for humans, owner Mona Oei said there are also benefits for pets: Not only do they get to socialise with other dogs (and bond with their fur parents), some of the poses include stretching exercises and doggie massages, too. https://www.pawfullyfit.com/

Source: CNA/mm(pw)