Singaporean Joanna Dong through to Sing! China grand final

Singaporean Joanna Dong through to Sing! China grand final

Joanna Dong and Harlem Yu
Joanna Dong sings a duet with Harlem Yu. (Photo: Singtel)

SINGAPORE: Jazz crooner Joanna Dong has become the second Singaporean to enter the Sing! China finals, after Nathan Hartono's near win in the show's last season.

The result, leaked earlier, was confirmed after episode 12 of the talent show's second season aired on Friday (Sep 29) night.

Friday's show featured contestants from the teams of two celebrity mentors - Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou and Chinese pop pioneer Liu Huan.

One winner emerged from each team after duelling their own team members. The victors will enter the final, which will be held on Oct 8 at the Beijing National Stadium.

Dong, 35, first faced fellow Singaporean Olinda Cho, 37, in a contest in which both sang duets with Taiwanese singer and host Harlem Yu.

The judges on the show awarded Dong 51 votes, while Cho got six nods from them.

Dong went on to win another one-on-one contest with another member of Jay Chou's team - Dabu from China.

She sang a mash-up of two songs - Open Arms and Lover's Tears - while Dabu sang Dear Friend. Dong won 62 out of 101 points awarded by the judges, while Dabu got 39 points.

Four other singers will compete in the final - Doris Guo from Na Ying's team, Xiao Kaiye and Ye Xiaoyue from Eason Chan's team and Zhaxipingcuo from Liu's team. Zhaxipngcuo, who is from Tibet, was the other winner in Friday night's show that aired on Singtel's Jia Le channel.

The final, to be broadcast live on Oct 8, will be free for all Singtel TV subscribers so that more tune in to support Dong, Singtel said.

Source: CNA/hm