Six women attend Sydney wedding wearing identical dress

Six women attend Sydney wedding wearing identical dress

Sydney wedding same dress
Bride Julian Mammone poses for a photo with six of her wedding guests who had turned up wearing identical outfits. (Photo: Facebook/Debbie Speranza) 

SYDNEY: It's the kind of coincidence many women will not like - walking into a room to find another woman dressed in the same dress one has on. But on five other women?

That's what happened at a wedding in Sydney, Australia, over the weekend to six women guests who had all unintentionally worn the same dress.

“What are the odds,” wrote Debbie Speranza, one of the women, on her Facebook page on Sunday (Sep 17), along with a photo of the ladies posing with the bride, Julian Mammone.

Mammone, speaking to the Daily Telegraph, described the sartorial coincidence at her wedding to her personal trainer husband Dominic as “friggin’ bloody hilarious”.

“At first there were a few dirty looks among the girls in the same dress who didn’t quite know whether to laugh it off or go home and get changed,” she said. “In the end we all cracked up about it. It’s every girl’s worst nightmare, what else can you do?”

The popular dress? A A$160 Debbie Lace Pencil Dress by fashion label Forever New.

“Make an entrance-worthy appearance in this gorgeous navy blue lace pencil dress, perfectly tailored to flatter and accentuate your figure. Style with nude accessories to keep the look chic and effortless,” the dress is described on Forever New’s website.

Forever New Dress
The Debbie Lace Pencil Dress. (Photo: Forever New's website)

Indeed an “entrance-worthy appearance” was made when Speranza and her cousin saw each other at the Le Montage wedding venue in Lilyville on Saturday evening.

"My cousin and I walked into the reception and saw each other and started laughing, but then another walked in … then another one … and another one,” she told the Telegraph.

"A couple of the women were a little bit 'ahhhhh' but then we all saw the fun in it. There’s a video of us telling the bridesmaids ‘ok, if you girls stuff up we are ready’. We were like accidental sisters.”

Speranza said the incident was not staged.

She later posted a comment on Forever New’s Facebook page: “You really should start a bridal registry so that your customers can enquire whether anyone else has purchased one of your dresses for the same event. 

"We are not the bridesmaids, just the guests."

That post has since garnered more than 48,000 likes and over 1,600 shares.

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