The Artground, Singapore’s newest arts space for children, opens at Goodman Arts Centre

The Artground, Singapore’s newest arts space for children, opens at Goodman Arts Centre

This new facility includes a garden area and even a Baby Stage with walkways and slopes to motivate toddlers to start walking.

Art 4
The Good Garden, where gardening workshops for children will be held at. (Photo: Natasha Razak)

SINGAPORE: Families with children ages 12 and below, who are keen to enjoy art together, can now do so at Singapore’s newest multi-disciplinary arts play space for children at Goodman Arts Centre.

Launched on Jul 7 in conjunction with the Tanjong Goodman Open House held over the weekend, The Artground comprises four accessible arts play spaces where the young are encouraged to develop a sense of curiosity and self-expression.

Developed by The Ground Co Limited in collaboration with the National Arts Council (NAC), it has a garden area, a white box space, and a stage for babies. Except for certain programmes that require tickets, admission to the play space is free, with a selection of indoor and outdoor activities that include gardening workshops, storytelling and music programmes.

Art 1
4-year-old Sera Wang at the gardening workshop. (Photo: Natasha Razak)

“We aim to facilitate learning through play and empower children to express themselves in multiple ways. We are driven by our vision ‘to let art do what art does’ – to provide experiences that keep our children thinking, questioning, exploring, appreciating and discovering through art,” said Luanne Poh, director of The Ground Co Limited.

A current highlight happening at The Artground is “Baby Space”, a multi-sensory installation designed for babies 16 months and below. The arts space also includes a Baby Stage which features walkways and slopes with a slight incline to motivate crawling toddlers to start walking.

Art 2
Children playing at one of the installations at the Ground Floor. (Photo: Natasha Razak) 

Trina Fang, a mother who brought her seven-month-old child Tiffany to check out The Artground at last week’s launch, has been impressed.

“I thought the space is very minimal but that really helps the babies to be stimulated in other ways. It’s a really good programme for babies because we don’t have enough of such activities in Singapore for babies. This type of stimulation is important before the babies start attending school,” she said. 

Art 3
Seven-month-old Tiffany Fang carried by MP Sun Xue Ling at the Baby Space. (Photo: Natasha Razak)

The Artground is not the first arts space for children in Singapore, but it promises to offer a wide range of activities, said Grace Ng, NAC’s director for education and development.

“With The Artground joining other arts spaces for children such as Pip’s Playbox and Playeum Children’s Centre for Creativity, there is now a much wider range of art activities and spaces for children in Singapore to enjoy, including performing spaces and installations,” she said.

She added: “Collaborations such as this with The Ground Co Limited are important to drive the ongoing development and growth of the arts ecosystem, as we strive to make the arts integral to the lives of young people.”

Source: CNA/nr