Well done: Long queues for Trump meal at Tokyo burger shack

Well done: Long queues for Trump meal at Tokyo burger shack

Trump burger
The President Trump Set burger meal at Munch's Burger Shack in Tokyo. (Photo: Facebook / Munch's Burger Shack)

TOKYO: United States President Donald Trump, who concluded his official visit to Japan earlier this month, has left his mark on one burger joint in Tokyo.

Diners have been flocking to Munch's Burger Shack in the Japanese capital, ever since Trump ate one of its burgers at a country club with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The chef of the joint, which specialises in burgers made with 100 per cent American Angus beef patties, travelled to the club to prepare the meal.

The Japanese prime minister tweeted a photo of him and Trump sitting down to a burger meal on Nov 5, with accompanying text in Japanese welcoming the US president and saying the two were having a burger business lunch.

The president munched on a Colby Jack Cheeseburger which costs 1,200 yen (US$10) according to the restaurant's menu.

Munch's Burger Shack posted a photo of the tweet on its Facebook page a few days later, along with photos of one of its burgers.

The restaurant is now offering a "President Trump set", which includes a cheeseburger, a serving of coleslaw and a side of fries for 1,400 yen (US$12), according to the Associated Press.

Its owner and chef Yutaka Yanagisawa told the news agency it was one of his most popular orders, and said that Trump shook his hand after eating the burger.

"At the end I had a chance to meet him and he (President Trump) said 'Very Good! Very Good!' twice and shook my hand," he told the Associated Press.

"If people come to appreciate and enjoy good burgers more because of this (opportunity), then that would be great," he added. "It's something I always aimed to do and I hope this helped."

Since Trump wanted his meat well-done, that's how the order was placed for both burgers in case the servings might get mixed up on the table, the news agency reported.

Netizens have posted photos showing long queues snaking out the door of the burger joint. 

One diner, Haruyuki Sano, reportedly travelled an hour and half so he could try the burger that Trump ate.

"I came here after hearing that Prime Minister Abe and President Trump ate a burger from this shop on the day when they played golf," he said.

Source: CNA/nc