Zhang Zhen Huan confirms romantic relationship

Zhang Zhen Huan confirms romantic relationship

The actor posted a photo to Instagram that prompted congratulatory messages from fellow artistes.

Zhang Zhen Huan girlfriend
(Photos: Instagram/Zhang Zhen Huan and Pan Sichen)

Actor Zhang Zhen Huan tacitly confirmed that he is currently in a romantic relationship by posting a photo of himself with a woman perched on his shoulders, accompanied by a caption consisting only of the sunglasses emoji and two heart emojis. 

Although he did not tag her, a quick check on Instagram reveals that the woman in the photo is Pan Sichen, a 23-year-old from China. In the photo, posted on Monday evening (Apr 30), the couple is wearing matching sunglasses, jeans and T-shirts with brand logos. 

On Monday evening, he told CNA Lifestyle via text message: “We have gotten together only recently. There isn’t any particular reason for suddenly making it public. I just feel that now that we are finally together, it’s not a bad thing, so I might as well announce it publicly." 

He continued: "As for whether or not we will get married in the future, I enter every romantic relationship with a view to getting married. If there’s good news in the future, I will let everyone know. Because my girlfriend is not in showbiz, I don’t want to share too many details at the moment. I thank everyone for their well wishes.” 

Sichuan-born Zhang has made no secret of the fact that he has been open to a romantic relationship for several years now, and that at the age of 33, his parents have been nagging him to settle down.

In an interview with Toggle in January, Zhang shared that he was in an “ambiguous relationship” with the woman in question, whom he met through mutual friend Lee Teng nearly three years ago, and that she was a student makeup artist at the Cosmoprof Academy. 

His fellow actors, including Felicia Chin, Elvin Ng, Ian Fang, Aileen Tan and Lee Teng left congratulatory comments on the post, with Romeo Tan commenting: “I knew it”.

Source: CNA/bk(pw)