Wanted: Technological solutions to improve Singapore's public transport system

Wanted: Technological solutions to improve Singapore's public transport system

SINGAPORE: Singapore's transport authority on Wednesday (Jan 3) launched two research grant calls for proposals to improve the country's public transport system. 

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said it is looking for researchers and developers to work on technological solutions – with four areas of focus – to meet transport challenges. 

The first area of focus is to reduce the duration of public transport journeys by leveraging data analytics to identify bottlenecks and propose new solutions.

"Possible solutions include new ticketing technologies to reduce time required to board and alight from buses, or dynamic lane markings to provide buses with priority," LTA said. 

Second, researchers will look into ways to optimise resources to meet public transport demand, particularly during peak hours. This is to ensure that public transport is an affordable and preferred mode of public transport for commuters, LTA said.

"Possible solutions could include modelling and simulation studies to optimise bus operations," it added.

The third area of focus is to make better use of road space – which currently takes up 12 per cent of Singapore's land area – so the space can be used for other purposes. 

"Proposals should identify the challenges or considerations for various urban typologies, suggest possibilities for how the road space could be better used, and highlight how the solutions can be implemented," LTA said. 

Lastly, LTA also called for proposals to improve the accuracy of calculating bulk excavations of soil for volumetric analysis when constructing underground depots. 

These solutions could include providing a "fast and reliable" 3D model of sites for record and data analysis, the authority said. 

The grant calls are open to all research and development organisations in Singapore, including publicly funded institutes of higher learning, not-for-profit research institutions, public sector agencies, companies as well as company-affiliated research entities.

Interested applicants can learn more about the grant calls' details and application process on this website

The closing date for submissions is Feb 21. 

Source: CNA/am