On the Record in 60 seconds: Rosemary Tan, CEO, Veredus Laboratories

On the Record in 60 seconds: Rosemary Tan, CEO, Veredus Laboratories

Rosemary Tan Veredus_3
Rosemary Tan might be a "natural salesman" but is a "scientist at heart". (Photo: Veredus Labs)

SINGAPORE: Rosemary Tan, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of homegrown biotechnology firm, Veredus Laboratories went “On the Record” with Bharati Jagdish about creating the next big medical breakthrough – a Star Trek-style tricorder that can diagnose diseases within seconds, her advice to young entrepreneurs and striking a balance between science and business.

These are her answers in 60 seconds in a new series of quick-fire interviews.

What about you would surprise people?

I have a comprehensive packing list for every trip I make. I am a big picture person so such details usually surprise people. I need to plan which suit and shoes to wear for what occasion. I don’t know why but I think this distracts me from overthinking the things when it comes to important business issues, which is good as sometimes you need to step back to see the picture more clearly.  

What was the best moment of your career?

Bringing Veredus global. 

What was the worst moment of your career?

It has not happened and never will. I’m an optimist.

What was the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Listen to your gut. 

The worst piece of advice?

Listen to your gut. There is sometimes no basis when I listen to my gut. It can go against a certain business plan or strategy. It sometimes works and sometimes backfires.

What is the one personal habit that contributes to your success?

I sleep a lot. I try to sleep minimum 8 hours a day, and much more during the weekends. I am hyperactive and require much sleep to replenish my energy.

What is the one thing you’d change about yourself?

I’d like to improve my listening skills. I talk too fast and sometimes don’t listen well so I form the wrong conclusions.

What do you want to be remembered for?

For making a difference through my work and being an empowering personality.