Popped tiles in HDB flats likely due to unusually cold weather in January: MND

Popped tiles in HDB flats likely due to unusually cold weather in January: MND

popping tile
The tiles in a HDB flat in Bedok North popped on Dec 20. (Photo: Eugene Beh)

SINGAPORE: The cooler weather in January could have caused a higher number of dislodged tile incidents in HDB flats, said the Ministry of National Development (MND) in Parliament on Monday (Feb 5). 

"This was likely due to the unusually cold weather over a prolonged period and temperature fluctuations. The weather changes could have caused the tiles and the substrate to contract and expand at different rates, resulting in the loss of adhesion between the tiles and the substrate," said Desmond Lee, the second minister for MND.

Among the cases reported in HDB flats, close to half involved tiles installed by flat owners during their own renovations. 

For those popping or cracking cases that involve tiles originally provided by HDB, it offers goodwill repairs for up to 15 years. For cases that occur after that, flat owners have to replace the tiles themselves. 

"Nonetheless, HDB will do its best to assist, for example by helping the owners with the removal and disposal of the affected tiles and if necessary, laying protective sheets over the affected area," Mr Lee said. 

Mr Lee added that the HDB has worked with the Renovation Contractors and Materials Suppliers Association (RCMA) to compile a list of contractors whom residents can choose to engage on a private basis with reasonable rates. 

Those who face financial difficulty can approach local Community Development Councils (CDCs) or grassroots leaders as there are schemes to help them, he said. 

Source: CNA/fs