Singapore to raise marriage fee from Jul 1

Singapore to raise marriage fee from Jul 1

Foreigners will be hardest hit, with fees almost tripling for weekday marriages from S$128 and S$380. Fees for Singaporeans and permanent residents will go up from S$26 to S$42.

File photo of wedding rings. (Photo: AFP/Jay Directo)

SINGAPORE: The cost of getting married in Singapore will go up on Jul 1, when the Registry of Marriages (ROM) increases its marriage fee for both Singaporeans and foreigners.

Foreigners will be hardest hit, with fees upped to S$380 for all dates. With the revision, the fees for weekday marriages, currently the cheapest for foreigners, will almost triple from S$128 to S$380 - an increase of S$252, according to information on the ROM website. 

Couples with at least one Singaporean or permanent resident will also have to pay more, with the fee increased from S$26 to S$42 for all dates.

ROM said the last review was done in 2005. A spokesperson attributed the fee change to a rise in operational costs due to "general inflation".

"This fee adjustment is necessary for the ROM to keep up with increasing operational costs, and to ensure that the quality of its services can be maintained," the spokesperson added.

ROM fees table

Special license fees have also been revised. For a waiver of the 21-day notice period for marriages, the fee will increase from S$200 to S$280. Licenses for marriages within prohibited degrees, where the couple falls under certain categories of relatives, will be raised from S$226 to S$280. The fee for marriages where one party is under 18 years old will be increased from S$250 to S$280.

The cost of re-registration under section 182, which deals with voluntarily registering a marriage solemnised under religion or custom, will also increase from S$55 to S$75.

ROM said it has in place measures to assist couples who have financial difficulties, and is prepared to waive fees on a case-by-case basis for those who are in need of assistance.

"ROM would like to assure the public that no Singaporean would be denied marriage registration because of any difficulties in affording the marriage licence fee," a spokesperson added. 

Source: CNA/mz