1000 Singapores in the spotlight at the National Design Centre

1000 Singapores in the spotlight at the National Design Centre

The exhibition returns to Singapore after a successful debut in the French capital of Paris in June.

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SINGAPORE: An exhibition exploring future urbanisation opened at the National Design Centre (NDC) on Thursday (Dec 17), officiated by Minister of State for Communications and Information, and Health Chee Hong Tat.

The exhibition, called 1000 Singapores: Eight Points of Compact City, returns to Singapore after a successful debut in the French capital of Paris in June. It looks at eight core principles of Density, Territories, Nature, Infrastructure, Urban Models, Governance, Economics and Architecture to suggest ways compact cities can be designed.

This will be presented through a 36-metre circular array of 300 diagrams, drawings and photographs, with eight large-scale models to complement the eight different principles.

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300 diagrams, drawings and photographs will be on display at the 1000 Singapores exhibition. (Photo: DesignSingapore Council)

1000 Singapores is commissioned by the DesignSingapore Council. Visitors will also learn about how synergies among urban-planning techniques, investments in human capital and infrastructural improvement are crucial to designing compact cities of the future.

“With the world population expected to swell to 9.5 billion by 2050, the world will become very crowded by then,” said Mr Jeffrey Ho, commissioner of 1000 Singapores: Eight Points of the Compact City and executive director of the DesignSingapore Council.

“Through this exhibition, we hope to offer a glimpse of how we could address some of these urban planning and design issues to make compact cities more liveable, greener and more energy-efficient.”

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One of the Eight Architectural Models at the 1000 Singapores Exhibition. (Photo: DesignSingapore Council)

Mr Chee said the exhibition makes one think of what affects a city's liveability. He cited HDB's upcoming project at Kampung Admiralty - a development that will combine housing, retail, eldercare and medical services to support ageing in place for seniors - as an example of having different parties working together, and using design make our towns elder-friendly.

"The DesignSingapore Council and the Ministry of Health collaborated with several partners including HDB, LTA and the People’s Association in a design-thinking exercise to co-create different resident-centric design solutions for the delivery of eldercare and medical services," he said.

"This is an important area as our population ages, we must work together with Government agencies and non-Government partners and use design-thinking and technologies to transform our towns and make them elder-friendly."

A public forum will be also held on Jan 18 at NDC, where three of the exhibition’s curators will discuss issues regarding population, urbanism and evolving future cities. The exhibition will be held at the atrium of NDC until Jan 28.

Source: CNA/ek