3 bodybuilding products sold online contain harmful substances: HSA

3 bodybuilding products sold online contain harmful substances: HSA

Bodybuilding products collage
Enhanced Athlete Cardarine, Enhanced Athlete Ligandrol and Enhanced Athlete Mutant YK-11. (Photos: HSA)

SINGAPORE: The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) is warning members of the public not to consume or buy three bodybuilding products sold online by Enhanced Athlete Singapore.

The three products - Enhanced Athlete Cardarine, Enhanced Athlete Ligandrol and Enhanced Athlete Mutant YK-11 - contain chemicals that are still under research and have not been approved for medical use in Singapore, said HSA in a news release on Friday (Oct 20).

The three products, which are sold on social media platforms, promise to increase muscle mass and strength as well as enhance athletic performance.

However each product is labelled "Not for human use/consumption" and carries warning of side effects including serious bodily injury and death, warned HSA. There are also no dosage instructions on the product labels.

One of the chemicals found in the Enhanced Athlete Cardarine product, GW501516 (Cardarine), is toxic and has been reported to cause cancers in animal studies, the authority added.

The chemical is deemed a "black market substance" by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), which had issued an alert on GW501516 in 2013 to warn users of the serious implications associated with its use.

"Given these warnings on the label, consumers taking these products are risking their health and safety," said HSA.

It advised consumers to stop taking the products immediately and to consult a doctor if they are feeling unwell, and also to avoid using drugs or potent chemicals to enhance athletic performance or to increase muscle mass.

"The harmful and potentially deadly adverse effects are not worth it."

Consumers are also advised to be cautious when buying health products online, and to consider buying them from an "established retail presence" instead.

Source: CNA/nc