3-year-old girl suffers 'traumatic bruising' on ear at pre-school, police investigating

3-year-old girl suffers 'traumatic bruising' on ear at pre-school, police investigating

3-year-old suffers 'traumatic bruising' on ear at pre-school
The 3-year-old came home with "traumatic bruising" on her ear. (Photos: Facebook / Claudia Kwan)

SINGAPORE: The police are investigating following a report lodged by the mother of a three-year-old girl who was found with "traumatic bruising" and swelling on her ear after coming home from pre-school.

In a Facebook post on Saturday (Mar 10), Ms Claudia Kwan wrote that her husband found a "horrific bruise" on their daughter's ear after picking her up from pre-school on Feb 14.

"When my husband picked my daughter up from her pre-school, on the way home, he sensed that something was not right with my girl’s mood, so he parked his car and turn(ed) around - only to see that something very unusual and totally unexpected had happened to her ear," wrote Ms Kwan. 

"Her messy hair covered part of the ear and she was sweaty after a whole day in school but what he saw was a horrific bruise on the top of her ear."

"To my horror, her ear was badly bruised to such an extent that it was swelling badly," said Ms Kwan, adding that when she asked her daughter what had happened, the girl "broke down into tears and cried".

When Ms Kwan called the school, none of the teachers could provide an explanation, she wrote.

Photos posted by Ms Kwan on Facebook showed the top of her daughter's right ear with bruising and severe swelling. 

She said she then took her daughter to a pediatrician, who diagnosed her daughter with "a form of traumatic bruising" caused by the "exertion of great intentional force".

Ms Kwan subsequently made a police report and informed her daughter's school that she had done so.

"The police requested that I (return) to the station last week to give a detailed report after my daughter (had) calmed down a little and would be able to recount the incident better," wrote Ms Kwan. "She then told the police officer the exact teacher who pinched and twisted her ear."

She also took her daughter to another doctor, who classified the injury as a "non-accidental injury", Ms Kwan added.

The police on Sunday confirmed that a report was lodged on Feb 14 about the incident, and that investigations are ongoing. 

The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) told Channel NewsAsia it was "aware of the case", and that the agency has reached out to the girl's mother to "provide any assistance that she and her child may require".

"At the same time, ECDA is working with the centre to ensure the safety and well-being of the children at the centre," said the agency in a joint statement with the police.

In her post, Ms Kwan said her daughter has since been suffering from nightmares, and wakes up every night crying: "I'm scared, I'm sorry, please, stop, pain!"

"She has been shouting out her form teacher’s name too. This has been going on every night for the past few weeks, and it pains me deeply to see my daughter in such trauma," said Ms Kwan. She also said that her daughter was seeing a counsellor.

"It has been more than three weeks and my daughter’s ear still has not healed completely," she said, adding that her daughter had stopped attending the pre-school.

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