5 jailed for buying tourist attraction tickets with stolen credit card details

5 jailed for buying tourist attraction tickets with stolen credit card details

SINGAPORE: Five Malaysian men from a transnational credit card fraud syndicate have been jailed for buying online tickets for a tourist attraction with stolen credit card details, police said on Thursday (May 17).

The men, aged between 20 and 38, were convicted in court between Apr 18 and May 9, said police in a news release.

The police said they received several reports on Nov 18 last year that some redemption letters for tourist attraction tickets, which were bought online with stolen credit card details, were presented at the ticket counters.

The police arrested 21-year-old Mohamad Shafiq Arzemi and 20-year-old Muhammad Ariff Mustaffa on Sentosa Island on the same day. Two counterfeit cards were seized.

Following further investigations, the police identified the duo’s three accomplices: 38-year-old Sia Chung Boon, 22-year-old Rafiuddin Suddin and 20-year-old Muhammad Amirulzaman Kamaruzaman.

The trio were arrested several hours later at Tuas Checkpoint when they tried to leave Singapore together.

The five syndicate members were convicted and sentenced to jail terms ranging from 11 months to 19 months.

Sia was convicted and sentenced to 19 months’ imprisonment while Rafiuddin received a 14-month jail term. Both Mohamad Shafiq and Muhammad Amirulzaman were sentenced to 11 months’ jail each and Muhammad Arif got a 10-month jail sentence.

The police advised all merchants to adopt verification standards such as requesting for copies of the credit or debit card and identification documents in order to ensure that purchases are made by the actual cardholders.

Source: CNA/zl(hm)