6 arrested, 11kg of cannabis seized in CNB drug operation

6 arrested, 11kg of cannabis seized in CNB drug operation

11kg cannabis
Some of the cannabis recovered from the blue Suzuki on Thursday (Sep 27) evening. (Photo: CNB)

SINGAPORE: Six Singaporeans were arrested and 11kg of cannabis was seized in a Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) operation on Thursday, police said in a press release on Friday (Sep 28). 

CNB officers were deployed in the Tuas Industrial Estate to look out for a group of suspected drug traffickers and at about 7.20pm, they spotted three suspects arriving in a blue Suzuki. A while later, a white Volkswagen also arrived at the scene. 

Officers observed the rear passenger of the blue Suzuki - a 21-year-old man - approaching the white Volkswagen. The latter car then drove away and the man returned to the Suzuki. 

Officers then arrested the three suspects in the blue Suzuki, the rear passenger and two other men aged 20 and 21. Authorities also seized 11kg of cannabis and 31 LSD stamps from the vehicle. 

Ice packet
A small packet of Ice recovered from a bag belonging to the 26-year-old suspect. (Photo: CNB)

Meanwhile, authorities followed the white Volkswagen to a car park around Tampines Street 21. The car was parked and two men - aged 26 and 29 - emerged from it, and were arrested.

Officers recovered 524g of Ice from the car, as well as another small packet of the drug from a bag belonging to the 26-year-old. Raiding the suspect's home in the area, they found a further 16g of cannabis and a small amount of Ice. 

A 26-year-old woman suspected of drug abuse was also arrested in the unit. 

Investigations into the drug activities of all suspects are ongoing, said CNB. 

It also said that 11kg of cannabis is enough to feed the addiction of 1,570 abusers for a week. 

Source: CNA/hs(ra)