6 in 10 private school graduates find full-time work in six months

6 in 10 private school graduates find full-time work in six months

SINGAPORE: Fresh graduates from private education institutions continue to lag behind their peers from autonomous universities in terms of employment and starting salaries.

According to the Committee for Private Education's latest Graduate Employment Survey, 84.3 per cent of fresh graduates from private education institutions found employment six months after completion of their final examinations.

This included graduates taking up full-time, part time, freelance and contract work. Those who found full-time permanent employment six months after their final examinations stood at 60.1 per cent.

As in previous years, this was a lower percentage than their peers in autonomous universities, which saw an overall employment rate for fresh graduates of 89.6 per cent and full-time permanent employment of 79.9 per cent.

The survey also showed that the median gross monthly salary of full-time employed private education institution fresh graduates was S$2,550. This remained much lower than that of fresh graduates from autonomous universities, which was S$3,325.

However, it was higher than the median salaries of fresh polytechnic graduates, which was S$2,180.

Breaking down the numbers by private education institution, fresh graduates from ERC Institute, Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and Kaplan Education Academy fared best, seeing overall employment rates of more than 83 per cent.

A total of 40 private education institutions took part in the survey, of which 29 had graduates from full-time bachelor's level external degree programmes. This was a higher participation rate than last year's pilot survey, in which the nine largest private schools took part.

There were more than 3,520 respondents in this year's survey.

Source: CNA/kc