Activist Jolovan Wham charged with organising public assemblies without a permit

Activist Jolovan Wham charged with organising public assemblies without a permit

Jolovan Wham
Civil activist Jolovan Wham has been charged in court on Wednesday (Nov 29) for organising public assemblies without permit, vandalism as well as refusing to sign police statements. (Photo: Jason Quah / TODAY)

SINGAPORE: Activist Jolovan Wham Kwok Han was charged in court on Wednesday (Nov 29) with organising public assemblies without a permit, vandalism and refusing to sign his statement to police.

The 37-year-old had allegedly organised three separate assemblies over the past year without a police permit.

On Jul 13, Wham allegedly  organised a public assembly outside Changi Prison Complex without a permit to commemorate the execution of Malaysian Prabagaran Srivijayan for drug trafficking.

Police say 16 other people are also under investigation for their roles in organising and participating in the vigil.

In a second incident on Jun 3, between 5pm and 7pm, Wham allegedly organised a silent protest with eight others on MRT trains along the North-South line without a permit.

The protest was on Operation Spectrum, a security operation in 1987 where 22 people were detained under the Internal Security Act for allegedly plotting a Marxist conspiracy to overthrow the Government.

operation spectrum protest
Blindedfolded activists holding up a book titled "1987: Singapore's Marxist Conspiracy 30 Years On" on board an MRT train. (Photo: Jolovan Wham/Facebook) 

Police say investigations against eight other people involved in the protest are still ongoing.

Wham was also charged with vandalism for pasting two sheets of A4 paper on an MRT train panel.

On Nov 26 last year, Wham allegedly organised an indoor public assembly without a permit. The event was held at The Agora and featured Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong, who gave a speech by real-time transmission.

Wham was also slapped with three charges with refusing to sign his police statement on multiple occasions.

Wham, who is currently unrepresented, intends to get a lawyer. He will be back in court on Dec 13.

Friends of Wham were also seen in court, including Han Hui Hui and Ivan Koh Yew Beng.

Anyone found guilty of organising a public assembly without a police permit can be fined up to S$5,000, while repeat offenders can be fined up to S$10,000 and jailed for up to six months. 

Source: CNA/kc