All slots for Durian Run snapped up: Organisers

All slots for Durian Run snapped up: Organisers

File photo of durians. (Photo: AFP/Tengku Bahar)

SINGAPORE: All 388 slots in the Run for Good Durian Run were snapped up as of Saturday (May 27) - less than a week after the event was announced.

The charity run, organised by the Central Singapore CDC and the Ang Mo Kio-Hougang CCC, will see participants running a 5km route carrying a durian. 

Asked why they decided on a durian-themed run, organisers at told Channel NewsAsia that it is durian season and sometimes it is "just about putting 1 and 1 together". 

They also pointed to their Teh Tarik Run in April and said creating new themed runs is "constantly on their minds" to encourage people to take up running.

"The founders of our event company are hardcore runners - guys that traverse 888km from Thailand to Malaysia on foot; (and) on a whim go for a 1,000km or probably 2,000km run. It's not their kind of race, but they thought: What can be done to give back? Encourage new runners, the kind that would probably sleep through a Sunday morning and wake up for brunch." 

The Teh Tarik Run saw participants drinking tea four times over the course of the race and celebrating at the end with a roti prata party.

For the Durian Run, participants get a coconut, a durian and a medal. They are also told to get creative about how they would transport their durian during the run.

The event has prompted concerns over possibly thorny situations - where participants running with a heavy, prickly fruit could be a safety hazard to themselves or others.

Organisers told Channel NewsAsia they have reminded participants that the race is going to be "tough and uncomfortable". They will also have medical assistance on standby, they stated.

"(Getting a) durian to the face, the foot, or worse still, (dropping a) durian on others - we have volunteers on standby to prevent this," they said. 

"We will do as much as possible to put safety as a priority and even provide contingencies for participants in case a stalk breaks or a plastic bag tears," organisers added.

As for whether people will be disqualified if they do not carry a durian for the entire route, the organisers said: "This is ultimately a fun run and no participant will be forced (to do so) against their wishes. 

"But if you don't do it, it is not a durian run and it is not Insta or Facebook-worthy, which most participants are in it for ... High-risk, high-return, jealousy-invoking, (memorable) pictures for all posterity."

Source: CNA/am