Australian filmmaker captures Singapore’s changes over 3 years

Australian filmmaker captures Singapore’s changes over 3 years

Filmmaker Keith Loutit, who is based in Singapore, shot a four-minute long timelapse video depicting rarely seen night scenes in Singapore and the rapid progress at construction sites.


SINGAPORE: Three years after launching his tiltshift video encompassing the various landmarks in Singapore, Australian filmmaker Keith Loutit has returned with a second series.

Titled The Lion City II - Majulah, the four-minute long timelapse video depicts some rarely seen night scenes in Singapore and the rapid progress at construction sites.

“Singapore’s history and approach to working within its limited geography fascinates me,” Mr Loutit said in an interview with Channel NewsAsia on Friday (Jun 10).

“I think that sometimes we all travel past subjects and notice sudden changes, but not the slow and steady ones. It’s a little like the elephant and mouse that both co-exist, but are unaware of each other’s existence because they perceive time differently. I wanted to open people’s eyes – myself included – to this change and see if it could be crafted into a short film that would appeal to people.”

According to the filmmaker, who is based in Singapore, location scouting and experimentation began in January 2013 and ended in May 2013, while actual filming was from June 2013 to June 2016. In total, the shoot lasted more than 500 days, with a total of 841 repeated landscape shots. The most visited location, Mr Loutit said, was the Ghim Moh HDB demolition site, which was shot 43 times.

“I could have kept shooting longer but at some point you just have to draw a line in the sand and release the work so that others can see it,” he said.

In September 2012, Mr Loutit published his first The Lion City video, which he hoped would communicate "the constant heat and humidity that hits you whenever you leave the comfort of air conditioning in Singapore”. It has since garnered more than one million views and at least 10,600 likes on video streaming website Vimeo.

When asked if there was a link between Lion City and The Lion City II - Majulah, the filmmaker said that while the first video is “nice eye candy”, the second video has “a stronger narrative with two stories running in parallel”. People are captured moving through the city, while the city continues to “grow around us”, he said. “In my opinion, that parallel narrative creates a stronger emotional response overall.”

He initially planned to release The Lion City II - Majulah in 2015, in conjunction with Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. “I tried so hard to hit SG50, but with work like this, you have to be happy with it yourself before you can release it," he said.

Since the video was posted on Vimeo on Thursday evening, it has been viewed more than 46,000 times and received 700 likes.

“The goal of all my work is to help people see their surroundings with fresh eyes as if for the first time,” Mr Loutit said. “I don’t have any trouble with motivation to shoot, although Singapore’s heat and humidity does make it difficult."

Source: CNA/xk