AVA monitoring wild boar situation at Tuas bus terminal

AVA monitoring wild boar situation at Tuas bus terminal

wild boars at tuas - sign
Signs have been put up at the canteen telling members of the public not to feed wild animals. (Photo: Natasha Razak) 

SINGAPORE: The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) said it is monitoring the situation at Tuas bus terminal after a video of a large group of boars gathering outside the terminal's canteen surfaced on social media.

In response to queries from Channel NewsAsia, AVA said on Thursday (Jun 15) it is aware of the boar sighting, adding that it will "explore further measures if needed". 

The video, which was shared widely on Wednesday night, shows about 20 boars outside the National Transport Workers' Union canteen. Most of them were calm, and left a man unloading a trolley alone. 

"From the video, it appears that the boars may have been conditioned to being fed by people," an AVA spokesperson said. 

The authority reiterated that members of the public should not feed the boars, as it alters their behaviour and may cause them to be reliant on humans for food, resulting in "human-animal conflicts". 

At about 11.50am on Thursday, an SBS Transit staff member was seen putting up a sign outside the canteen, reminding people not to feed wild animals. 

AVA also advised the public not to approach or disturb the boars if they come across them.

"The public should keep a safe distance from the wild boars and avoid confronting or cornering them. Do not interact with the wild boars, and ensure that young children and pets are kept away as they may be curious and approach the boars," AVA added.

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(Infographic: Rafael Estrada Calvar; sources: NParks, AVA)

A secondary school student who was in the area dropped by the bus terminal on Thursday afternoon to see the boars. 

"Since I'm a transport enthusiast, my friend and I were here to explore the Tuas West extension. Curiosity sparked after viewing the online video of the boars posted last night and so we decided to come and see if there are any wild boars around," said Beckham Er, 15. 

However, when Channel NewsAsia arrived at Tuas bus terminal on Thursday, there were no boars in the area. 

Source: CNA/dl