AVA says Ma Ling luncheon meat safe, after antibiotics found in Hong Kong sample

AVA says Ma Ling luncheon meat safe, after antibiotics found in Hong Kong sample

Ma Ling luncheon meat
File photo of Ma Ling luncheon meat

SINGAPORE: The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) has assured consumers here that the Ma Ling brand of luncheon meat meets local food safety standards.

This follows a study by Hong Kong's consumer watchdog which found that a sample of Ma Ling premium pork luncheon meat contained residues of a veterinary drug known as sulphonamide antibiotic. If taken in large quantities in humans, it could cause reactions such as hives, rash, swollen face, mouth and tongue.

However, the consumer watchdog also noted that an adult would have to consume 15kg of the meat each day to reach the limit stated under World Health Organization guidelines. 

Hong Kong's consumer watchdog also tested 32 other samples of luncheon meat and sausages from other brands.

It found high sodium levels in the samples, and in one case, the actual sodium content was found to be 560 times higher than what was indicated on the can.

In a Facebook post on Friday (Jun 16), AVA said: "So far, the test results for Ma Ling brand luncheon meat have shown that it meets our food safety standards," adding that its tests cover a wide range of chemical contaminants and microbial contaminants such as antibiotics and Salmonella.

AVA also assured the public that all meat and meat products, including canned luncheon meat, are subject to inspection to make sure they meet food safety requirements and standards.

Source: CNA/gs