Bed and personal items found in drain along KJE

Bed and personal items found in drain along KJE

bed shoes kje drain
Photos circulating online show a bed and personal items in a narrow drain, suggesting human dwelling. (Photo: Facebook/SG Kay Poh)

SINGAPORE: Authorities are investigating after a bed and personal items like shoes and plastic bags were found in a drain along the Kranji Expressway (KJE).

“PUB is aware of the possible human dwellings in the drain along KJE," a PUB spokesperson told Channel NewsAsia.

Photos posted online on Sunday (Oct 29) showed a bed with a pillow placed inside a narrow drain. Shoes were hanging from the bed frame and rubbish was seen littered on the floor. 

Water agency PUB said it has referred the matter to the police and the items have been removed.

bed found in kje drain
Area along KJE where a bed and personal items were found in a drain. (Photo: Facebook/SG Kay Poh)

The drain is near West Spring Secondary School, pictures posted on social media showed.

According to PUB, members of the public are not allowed to enter drains for their personal safety. 

"Heavy rainfall in upstream locations will cause sudden and rapid water flow into the drain. This will pose a serious danger to those in the drain," PUB explained.

PUB will take action against those caught entering waterways without prior approval. Those caught may be fined up to S$3,000.

Source: CNA/aa