Power outage hits parts of central Singapore, more than 3,000 customers affected

Power outage hits parts of central Singapore, more than 3,000 customers affected

No power CBD
A power outage was also reported at Hong Leong building. (Photo: Nicholas)

SINGAPORE: A power outage hit several parts of central Singapore on Friday afternoon (Jun 1), affecting an estimated 3,156 customers according to SP Group.

"Supply to parts of Raffles Quay, Robinson Road and Shenton Way was disrupted at about 2.41pm today," said SP Group in a Facebook post, adding that it was investigating the cause of the disruption.

"Our officers were immediately deployed to the affected areas and our priority was to restore supply as safely and quickly as possible," it said.

Electricity supply was "progressively restored via remote switching", and the supply was fully restored within 34 minutes by 3.15pm, it added.

Earlier, posts on social media showed traffic lights were not working, while netizens tweeted about buildings in darkness.

Nicholas, who works in the CBD and who only wanted to be identified by his first name, told Channel NewsAsia he heard from friends who also work in the area that the power in City House, Clifford Centre and The Arcade was out.

Ms Angela Ang, who works at a photocopying service shop in The Arcade, said the lights went out at 2.40pm and came on again at about 3.30pm. Staff at a moneychanger said their systems were down and that there were long lines of people waiting.

Channel NewsAsia reader James Tang said he had just arrived at Maxwell Food Centre for a tea break at close to 3pm when the power outage occurred.

"The fans and the lights in the stalls were not working," he said. "Initially I thought the outage was confined in Maxwell. I took the video and photo to show my colleagues if they still wanted to come over for a break due to this problem. I did not know many other places nearby were also affected until I saw the news reports," he added.

Maxwell Hawker blackout
The power outage on Friday (Jun 1) afternoon affected Maxwell Food Centre. (Photo: James Tang)

The McDonald's outlet at Chinatown Point experienced a power outage for about 45 minutes, according to the outlet's manager Ms Maria Toltentino.

"Power went out at about 2.45pm, lasted for about 45 minutes," she told Channel NewsAsia. "My systems are still offline due to the power trip." 

Staff members had to shout the orders at each other to get food ready, due to the power outage.

mcdonald's chinatown blackout
McDonald's Chinatown Point manager Maria Toltentino said the power went out at about 2.45pm and lasted for about 45 minutes. She said staff had to verbally shout out orders even after the power came back up, as their electronic ordering system was still offline. (Photo: Nevin Thomas)

According to a shopkeeper at The Arcade who only wanted to be known as Mr Lim, the situation was calm throughout the 30-minute outage.  

“People were saying it might have been linked to the Lornie Road incident,” he said. “Everyone was just like: ‘Oh, life goes on.’”

Power outage at Lau Pa Sat
Power outage hits several parts of Singapore including the Lau Pa Sat food market. (Photo: Marc)

"Blackout in Chinatown area right now. Dark in Chinatown Point and Hong Lim complex," posted Twitter user Zann Kwan at close to 3pm.

The Twitter user posted a video showing what appeared to be an office in darkness, with employees using their smartphones for light.

"Power outage at The Arcade," posted Twitter user gurmit singh. "Lifts unresponsive too. Seems like whole building."

the Arcade blackout
A witness said The Arcade experienced a power outage at around 2.40pm, Jun 1, 2018. (Photo: Angela Ang)

Several HDB blocks in Chinatown including at Block 4 Sago Lane and at Blocks 333 and 334 Kreta Ayer Road were left without power, according to residents who spoke to the Jalan Besar Town Council.

Marc, an executive who works near Cecil Street and who only wanted to be identified by his first name, told Channel NewsAsia that the traffic lights at Robinson Road were experiencing a power failure at around 2.40pm, but that traffic was light and that "all vehicles slowed down" when approaching the junctions.

He added that power was back at around 3.15pm.

Hong Lim blackout
A stall at Hong Lim Food Centre during the power outage. (Photo: Jacky Kong)

Some banking services at three of DBS’ branches at Raffles Place and South Bridge were intermittently disrupted for about 30 minutes, a DBS spokesperson told Channel NewsAsia, adding that the bank took immediate steps to minimise any service disruptions and directed customers to its other branches nearby. 

All services were fully restored at 3.15pm, it added. 

OCBC Bank’s buildings and the Singapore Exchange (SGX) were not affected by the power outage, both told Channel NewsAsia. 

Additional reporting by Aqil Haziq Mahmud, Hanidah Amin and Nevin Thomas.

Source: CNA/nc(hm)