Bus driver in viral video did not doze off at wheel, has 'neck pains': SBS Transit

Bus driver in viral video did not doze off at wheel, has 'neck pains': SBS Transit

Bus driver SBS with neck pains
Screengrab of the 25-second video showing an SBS driver bending his neck to look down every few seconds while driving. (Photo: Facebook/2017 不吐不快)

SINGAPORE: The bus driver seen in a video with his head bobbing up and down was not dozing off at the wheel; he has "neck pains" that cause him to bend more than normal, SBS Transit said on Monday (May 7).

SBS Transit's comment comes after a 25-second video, which was posted on a public Facebook group, went viral on social media. The video shows the head of the driver jerk forward every few seconds while the bus in in motion.

"While the video seems to suggest that our bus captain was dozing off at the wheel, our findings based on the CCTV footage from the bus reveals that this was not the case," said Ms Tammy Tan, senior vice president of SBS Transit's corporate communications, in response to queries from Channel NewsAsia.

Throughout the time he was on the road, the driver "kept to his lane, slowed down when approaching bus stops and also stopped safely behind other buses or vehicles," she said. The driver also conducted a right turn safely during the trip, added Ms Tan. 

"All these would not have been possible had he been dozing off at the wheel ... We assure our commuters that dozing off while driving is not something we take lightly and will not hesitate to take action against any bus captain found doing so.”

In providing an explanation for the incident, Ms Tan said that the driver in the video has neck pains that cause him to "bend more than normal".

The condition does not affect his driving ability, Ms Tan said, and he is medically certified fit to drive. 

Source: CNA/ad(aj)