Caltex launches mobile app for fuel payment

Caltex launches mobile app for fuel payment

caltex app
Caltex has introduced its first fuel payment app for motorists who just want to top up fuel and go. (Screengrab: Caltex)

SINGAPORE: Chevron Singapore, which operates the Caltex brand here, said on Tuesday (Sep 25) it is launching its first fuel payment app for motorists who just want to top up fuel and go “in the quickest time possible”. 

The mobile app, named CaltexGo, allows motorists to locate a service station, pay for their fuel, get electronic receipts, collect LinkPoints and receive exclusive mobile offers on one platform, the company said in its press release.

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With it, motorists just need to pull up at the service station, launch the app with a payment card registered, indicate their pump number and confirm payment details after the top-up is done, it added.

Chevron said the app is a response to “key consumer pinch points" which came up in its recent consumer insights analysis.

“Refuelling can be seen as a chore which drivers strive to mitigate,” the company said. 

"Having to wait for a pump, long payment queues and the complexity related to loyalty and payment systems were the top grouses by drivers at service stations."

Caltex's general manager of products for Singapore Shahid Ahmed told Channel NewsAsia in an email that its CaltexGo app was a result of a year of development with support from Visa International.

A three-month quiet trial that started this June was conducted before the official launch, he revealed.

"The feedback from trial users have been positive, and we're looking forward to tapping into Singapore’s mobile payment market," Mr Shahid said. 

The company does not think the mobile app will cannibalise the revenue from its convenience stores.

Mr Shahid said motorists can still enjoy necessities at these stores using the app, while having access to the latter’s exclusive fuel offers. It is also looking at integrating its brick-and-mortar store offers into the next version of the app.

“No significant impact was observed on the convenience stores’ revenues during the trial period," he said.

As for whether the use of the mobile app goes against the safety advice of not using mobile phones at service stations, the company said these requirements have not changed.

It said motorists should use their phones after the engine is switched off, inside an enclosed stationary vehicle or when inside the convenience store. They are also encouraged to disconnect their mobile phone from any external accessories such as a power bank or phone charger during mobile phone use, it added.

The mobile is available for both iOS and Android users running iOS 10 and Android 5.1.1 or later, and is accepted at all Caltex service stations in Singapore, the company said.

Source: CNA/aa(hm)