Canvas maker jailed for threatening women with nude photos

Canvas maker jailed for threatening women with nude photos

SINGAPORE: Calling himself Happy Tan on Facebook, Alvin Yeo Pei Jin set up an account with the purpose of courting “middle-aged Chinese women with long hair”.

Instead of putting up a photograph of himself, the 48-year-old canvas maker used a picture of a handsome Taiwanese man he found online.

The women he eventually got to know on Facebook were pestered to have sex with him and were threatened with the nude photos they sent him earlier.

For intimidating and harassing the women, Yeo was on Friday (Nov 10) sentenced to 13 months’ jail.

He was convicted of five of 15 charges, including two for criminal intimidation and one each for intentional harassment, mischief, and insulting the modesty of a woman. Ten other charges, including for the possession of obscene films, were taken into account during sentencing.


In June 2016, Yeo befriended a 48-year-old woman who sent nude photographs to him at his request. Yeo realised that she was his neighbour.

He wanted to have sex with her, but was hesitant to meet the woman in person because he looked different from the photo he used for his Facebook profile.

Yeo hatched a plan to force the victim to find five men to have sex with, “in the hopes that as her neighbour and acquaintance, (he) may be one of them,” Deputy Public Prosecutor Raja Mohan said.

In a series of threatening messages to the victim between Jun 14 and 15, Yeo told the woman he knew who she was and where she lived, and threatened “revenge” by disseminating her nude photographs.

He also “disparaged the victim for being the kind of person to take such photographs for a handsome man, instead of being conservative,” said the prosecutor.

The woman made a police report on Jun 15.

A few days later, she lodged a second report after she found a nude photograph of herself pasted outside her unit, but with the top half torn off so her face was not visible.

On the A4-sized photograph, Yeo had written “still block me, I will … We will see”.
Later that day, Yeo pasted a second threatening note outside the victim’s unit, stating: “Tomorrow if you don’t reply my message, I will come post your big face at the door there.” She made a third police report.

On Jun 21, the victim made a fourth report, after Yeo wrote on the wall outside her unit: “Block me, waiting for death.”

He was arrested about three months later.

A forensic examination of Yeo’s phone found five videos of an unknown woman showering in a bathroom. Yeo admitted he had taken these videos of his ex-colleague in 2009.

On Friday, he also admitted he had threatened another victim, a 52-year-old woman, with her nude photographs if she did not have sex with him. She deleted her Facebook account and lodged a police report in July 2015.

Defence lawyer James Ow Yong urged the court to impose a jail term of nine to 10 months’ jail. Yeo had been under “tremendous stress providing for his family and caring for his wife,” who has been wheelchair bound for four years, Mr Ow Yong said.

In sentencing Yeo to 13 months’ jail, District Judge Hamidah Ibrahim said it is “extremely difficult to extend any leniency to (Yeo)”. The women involved were “foolish,” “but that’s why they need to be protected,” the judge said.

Source: CNA/vc