Case over profits of Russell Peters shows in 2012 dismissed

Case over profits of Russell Peters shows in 2012 dismissed

Concert promoter Midas Promotions had sued LAMC Productions for allegedly reneging on an agreement on a joint venture to bring the Canadian comedian to Singapore in 2012.

SINGAPORE: A legal battle between two of Singapore's biggest concert promoters, LAMC Productions and Midas Promotions, came to an end on Thursday (Jul 7).

In a Facebook post on Friday, LAMC said the case had been dismissed at 5pm the previous day as Midas, which sued LAMC for allegedly reneging on an agreement on a joint venture to bring comedian Russell Peters to Singapore in 2012, "could not prove a single allegation" after more than four years of "false and malicious accusations".

The hearing for the case began on Feb 10 this year. Midas had claimed it was entitled to 50 per cent of the profits from the two sold-out shows, adding up to an estimated S$500,000 or more.

LAMC, however, contended that there was no joint venture to speak of since Peters agreed to stage his Notorious World Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on May 5 and 6, 2012, on a percentage deal, instead of a flat fee as the two promoters had initially agreed on.

In a press release later on Friday, LAMC said the judge found that it had performed their part of an agreement between the two companies that they would submit identical bids to Peters’ agent and whichever party got selected would share the obligations and revenues 50-50 with the other, at the same time withdrawing any current bids they had. While Midas had alleged that LAMC failed to withdraw their bid and failed to submit an identical bid as agreed, it did not itself have a bid to withdraw for the event, LAMC said the judge had found.

The court also found dismissed a claim by Midas that LAMC and its directors Lauretta Alabons and Ross Knudson had conspired to cause injury to it, due to a lack of supporting evidence, LAMC said.

A further claim by Midas for breach of confidence by LAMC, Ms Alabons and Mr Knudson was withdrawn following cross-examination in a three-day hearing at the State Court, the statement said, adding that Midas was ultimately ordered by the court to pay the costs of LAMC, Ms Alabons and Mr Knudson.

"We are very happy," Ms Alabons told Channel NewsAsia when asked about the outcome of the case.

Midas and LAMC previously worked together to bring musical acts Placebo and Justin Bieber to Singapore in March 2010 and April 2011, respectively.

Channel NewsAsia has contacted Midas for comment.

Source: CNA/mz