AVA appoints Cat Welfare Society to mediate cat-related issues

AVA appoints Cat Welfare Society to mediate cat-related issues

SINGAPORE: The Cat Welfare Society has been appointed by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to be its third-party mediator for cat-related issues, according to a joint news release by both organisations on Monday (May 7).

This means that the Cat Welfare Society will be involved in bringing "affected parties together to achieve amicable solutions to cat-related disputes", the news release said. Mediation has been "one of the most effective mechanisms" to solve these issues, they added.

While AVA is the first-responder for animal-related issues, these are often complex and the agency works with town councils, government agencies, animal welfare groups and academics to resolve them.

The arrangement, which is a formalisation of the existing partnership between AVA and the non-profit organisation, will be reviewed after a year to assess its effectiveness.

AVA has worked closely with the Cat Welfare Society since 2015 to manage cat-related feedback. The society has been helping to mediate cat-related disputes, and advise community cat feeders and cat owners to practise responsible cat feeding and pet ownership.

"CWS is a valued partner in our efforts to promote animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. They play an active role in supporting us to manage cat-related issues on the ground.

"Given their track record in the use of mediation to mitigate cat-related issues, we are happy to extend our partnership with them," said AVA's group director of the animal management group, Jessica Kwok.

According to the Cat Welfare Society, the partnership with AVA signals the Government's acknowledgement of the work the group does. 

"As a non-profit organisation that has always stood at the forefront of advocating the humane management of cats, this partnership is acknowledgment of the work that we do and reaffirms the Government's support of mediation as a preferred means to resolve cat-related disputes in the community," said the executive director of the Cat Welfare Society, Laura Ann Meranda.

Source: CNA/aa(hm)