Changes in permanent secretary appointments from Apr 1

Changes in permanent secretary appointments from Apr 1

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From left to right: Mr Lai Chung Han, Ms Yong Ying-I and Mr Gabriel Lim. (Photos: SMU, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Nielsen)

SINGAPORE: Eight civil servants will be taking on a new position or seeing a change to their portfolio from Apr 1, the Public Service Division (PSD) announced on Tuesday (Mar 5).

There will also be one new permanent secretary appointed, PSD said. 

Ms Lai Wei Lin, Deputy Secretary (Policy) for the Ministry of Education (MOE) will be appointed Second Permanent Secretary in the ministry.

Ms Lai has been in her current role since 2017. Over the years, she has held various appointments in the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), the Ministry of National Development (MND), the Civil Service College and the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Seven other civil servants will see a change in their roles.

Mr Lai Chung Han will relinquish his appointments as Second Permanent Secretary, MOE and Second Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). With the change, Mr Lai will be appointed Permanent Secretary, MOE. 

From MOE, Ms Chan Lai Fung will relinquish her appointment as Permanent Secretary. She will be appointed Permanent Secretary for National Research and Development in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO). She will also be appointed chairman of A*STAR on Apr 1.

In the PMO, Ms Yong Ying-I is currently the Permanent Secretary for National Research and Development and Permanent Secretary for the PSD. From Apr 1, Ms Yong will be appointed Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI).

She has been the chairman of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and Workforce Development Agency, and is currently chairman of the Civil Service College and of SG-Innovate.

Ms Yong will take over Mr Gabriel Lim's current role. Mr Lim will be appointed Permanent Secretary, MTI.

Mr Loh Khum Yean will relinquish his appointment as Permanent Secretary, MTI and be appointed Permanent Secretary, PSD.

Within MTI, Mr Lee Chuan Teck, Second Permanent Secretary, will be re-designated as Permanent Secretary (Development). He has been in his current role since June 2018.

Mr Chew Hock Yong, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Social And Family Development (MSF), will be concurrently appointed as Permanent Secretary (Home Affairs Development), MHA. He has been Permanent Secretary, MSF, since 2016.

Source: CNA/aa