Rangers are 'vigilant' at walking net attraction, says Jewel Changi Airport

Rangers are 'vigilant' at walking net attraction, says Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Sky Net woman injured
A woman sustained a deep cut on her hand after falling at Changi Jewel's Sky Nets. (Photos: Facebook, CNA)

SINGAPORE: Jewel Changi Airport has said that rangers are "vigilant" at its attractions and it has been refining its ground operations since the opening of the Canopy Park, after reports that a woman fell on Friday (Jun 14) and cut herself at the newly opened Sky Nets attraction.

"We regret the guest's unfortunate experience and we urge all guests to stay aware of their personal safety whilst having fun at the attractions," a Jewel spokesperson said.

Ms June Neo said she cut her hand badly after falling on Friday at the Manulife Sky Nets - Walking, which are suspended 25m above the ground in the mall.

In a Facebook post which she has since made private, Ms Neo also said that she had "slight abrasion" on her legs and bruises on her arm. She fell as her foot got stuck in one of the net's holes, she added.

A spokesperson from Jewel confirmed that at about 5pm that day, a guest at the walking nets "tripped while walking and fell forward".

"First aid was immediately administered by the attraction ranger on duty," the spokesperson said.

Jewel added that its attractions have undergone numerous safety tests before they are certified safe for operation.

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"There are safety advisories and on-ground reminders by our rangers who are stationed at all the attractions, regarding proper footwear, appropriate behaviour, minimum height requirement and adult supervision for young children," Jewel said.

"Rangers stationed at the attractions are trained to keep a vigilant watch on all guests especially children."

Rangers are also on duty on the walking net at all times to help the guests. 

"Hence it is not uncommon to see our rangers walking hand in hand with guests who may require assistance during their experience on the walking net," Jewel said, adding that the number of people allowed into each attraction is also regulated to ensure safety is not compromised.

However, Ms Neo said in an email to CNA on Monday that the attraction may need more rangers as none saw her fall on Friday. However, they came to her aid once alerted.

She also said that she hopes there can be more signs on safety precautions, and that guests should be advised to wear long pants, and maybe even gloves.

"My intention is to bring awareness, not to ... blame anyone. Accidents may happen anywhere, just that with more precautions, (the) risk is lower," she said. "As this is new, they need more feedback to improve on the facility."

She added: "I just don't want to see anyone, especially kids, get hurt."

Source: CNA/hm(rw)