Children in 'inappropriate touching' incident undergoing counselling, PCF says

Children in 'inappropriate touching' incident undergoing counselling, PCF says

A child psychologist and teacher are counselling the two six-year-old children involved in the incident, PAP Community Foundation CEO Victor Bay says.

Taman jurong Block 161

SINGAPORE: The two children involved in an "inappropriate touching" incident at a PAP Community Foundation (PCF) childcare centre in Taman Jurong are undergoing counselling, the childcare operator said.

Last Tuesday (Apr 12), a six-year-old girl at the centre reported that a boy in her class had touched her inappropriately while they were supposed to be taking a nap. According to a Facebook post by the girl’s father, there was no teacher present at the time but the incident was witnessed by another child in the class.

In a statement issued early Monday morning, PCF CEO Victor Bay said a child psychologist and teacher have been assigned to “engage the girl and look after her well-being”. The psychologist is also counselling the boy, whose parent has agreed not to send him to the centre for the time being, and a teacher will continue to stay in touch with the boy and his parent.

Mr Bay said the PCF headquarters is investigating the incident and is also liaising with the Ministry of Social and Family Development and the Early Childhood Development Agency on the matter.

“Based on the findings and recommendations of the child psychologists, PCF will take the necessary follow-up action,” he said.

“We deeply regret the incident and fully sympathise with the parents in their distress. Our top priority is the well-being of our young children.”

Source: CNA/cy