Circle Line service delayed during morning rush hour after woman's leg gets stuck in platform gap

Circle Line service delayed during morning rush hour after woman's leg gets stuck in platform gap

Circle Line commuter leg trapped in platform gap
The incident happened at Buona Vista MRT. (Photo: Facebook/Brandon Wong)

SINGAPORE: Train service on the Circle Line was briefly delayed during the morning rush hour on Monday (Apr 8) after a commuter’s leg became trapped in the gap between the platform and a train.

This happened at about 8.45am at Buona Vista MRT station, said SMRT vice president of corporate communications Margaret Teo. 

“The emergency stop feature located at the platform was immediately activated. Our station staff and other commuters went to her assistance and freed her leg," Ms Teo said in response to CNA's queries.

“As a result of the incident, train service was delayed for around 10 minutes. Commuters were informed of the service delay via in-train and station announcements."

The woman was taken to hospital, Ms Teo said, adding that SMRT's care team is reaching out to her.

Circle Line delay Apr 8
An announcement of the delay seen on a Circle Line train, shared with CNA by a commuter.

Commuter Brandon Wong took to Facebook to describe the incident at Buona Vista MRT station. 

He said the train was “full to the brim” and that passengers were rushing to get out when the woman was pushed and fell. 

"Her right leg got caught in the gap and was stuck from the knee downwards," he said. 

According to Mr Wong, other passengers could have done more to help the woman. 

"I had to shout 'Press the emergency button!' three times before another passenger activated the emergency stop button. Those precious seconds could have determined life or death," he wrote. 

"Make way for any first responders to help, make way for the SMRT service staff rushing down to assist the lady, make way for the injured party when a safe space is required."

He also said that while SMRT employees at the station were "wonderfully helpful" and reacted as fast as they could, they were not adequately trained to handle such situations. 

“I understand that the morning crowd at Buona Vista can get pretty unmanageable, but there has to be more urgency. Furthermore, any talk of an ambulance wasn’t even initiated until more than 10 mins later. In my view, that’s far too slow,” Mr Wong wrote on Facebook. 

He added that one of SMRT's employees grew "anxious" and raised his voice at the woman to move her leg. 

"I am not trying to vilify your organisation, I just wish there would be no more incidents like these," he continued.

"Your staff were wonderfully helpful but were obviously not trained for such situations. To the poor lady who was caught, I hope you feel much better and have not sustained any serious injuries."

Source: CNA/zl(gs)