Claims of on-the-spot cash fines for traffic summons 'false': Police

Claims of on-the-spot cash fines for traffic summons 'false': Police

False claims on police Mar 19
Screenshot of the Facebook post that claimed that the police were collecting cash on the spot after they issued summons. 

SINGAPORE: An online post claiming that the police had issued on-the-spot cash fines to pedestrians caught using their mobile phones while crossing the roads is false, the Singapore Police Force told Channel NewsAsia on Tuesday (Mar 20).

On Monday, a photo of a traffic police officer who appeared to be taking down particulars from two women was uploaded onto Facebook by user Jeanie Tifinny Tara.

The photo was accompanied by a caption that claimed the police were "actively summon-ing people for using their (phones) while crossing the road!!! ... It's immediate summon and pay S$150 cash!!!!".

The post, which has since been taken down, was shared nearly 4,000 times in four hours. The image was also circulated on WhatsApp. 

In response to queries from Channel NewsAsia, the police said that they are "aware of a false message circulating online", and urged the public not to spread unsubstantiated information which "may cause public alarm". 

They also said that cash payments are not collected at the point when traffic summons are issued. 

"Payment modes can only be made via cashless methods through or AXS and SAM kiosks," said the police. 

The police also clarified that it is not an offence for pedestrians to use a mobile phone while crossing the road. 

"However, pedestrians who use their mobile phones while on the roads endanger their own safety as well as others. We urge pedestrians to look after their own safety by giving their fullest attention to road conditions," police said. 

Members of the public can email the police at if they have any queries, they added.

Source: CNA/ng