CNB holds one-day roadshow to educate public on drug abuse

CNB holds one-day roadshow to educate public on drug abuse

Facial scanning digital displays among the educational tools used to illustrate long-term impact of drug abuse.

CNB Drug Buster Academy pic 2

SINGAPORE: The Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) held its first ‘Drug Buster Academy’ bus roadshow at Vivocity on Saturday (Oct 8).

Having made about five visits per month to primary and secondary schools, as well as the Institute Technical Education, the CNB’s bus exhibit aims to educate the public on drug abuse using facial scanning and augmented reality technologies.

Visitors were taken on a futuristic journey to learn about the dangers behind drugs - including a simulation of long-term impact of drug abuse on the visitor's body, to combat misperceptions that drug abuse is not harmful or addictive.

The special one-day roadshow was part of CNB’s efforts to reach out to youths, which it says helps to drive home the message.

"The youth are curious, so they would want to find out a lot more about what the effects of drugs are. So we also felt that through our social media platforms, and also through the bus, they can actually see for themselves," said CNB's Director of its Communications Division Gillian Ong.

CNB Drug Academy Bus

A visitor at the Central Narcotic Bureau's (CNB) Drug Buster Academy Bus trying out the high-tech educational exhibits during their roadshow. (Photo: Loke Kok Fai)

"For example if we tell them that drugs are harmful to your body, that it hurts your liver, that it hurts your brain's cognitive powers, when they see it and they experience it for themselves, they remember better."

The bus is also packed with other augmented reality activities and quizzes - which illustrate scenarios where youth might commonly encounter drugs in their social interactions, and rates their responses.

The event also saw the launch of CNB’s new social media identity across the various platforms. Now known as "CNB.DrugFreeSG", CNB says the consistent identity better reflects its commitment and efforts in achieving a drug free Singapore.

Source: CNA/fr