Concerns raised over high cost of One Canberra's first AGM: Shanmugam

Concerns raised over high cost of One Canberra's first AGM: Shanmugam

One Canberra condo yishun
One Canberra in Yishun. (Photo: Hyoungwoo Kim/Facebook)

SINGAPORE: MP for Nee Soon GRC K Shanmugam has written to the managing agent of One Canberra after concerns were raised over the high cost of the condominium’s first annual general meeting (AGM).

Mr Shanmugam, who is also Law and Home Affairs Minister, said in a Facebook post on Sunday (May 21) that he heard about the matter from several of the Yishun condo's residents. 

He said that according to the residents, the managing agent and developer were planning to spend S$19,000 to hold the meeting at a ballroom on Jun 17. This was even as the Canberra Drive Neighbourhood Committee had determined that the Chong Pang Community Club could be used on Jun 24 instead, for free. 

"The residents are wondering why you should choose to spend S$19,000 when there is a much cheaper option available," the grassroots adviser said in his letter to Realty International Associates on Saturday, adding that catering would only set them back S$5,000. 

“Some residents have also reported you as saying that because currently there is no MCST (Management Corporation Strata Title) yet, the managing agent has the right to choose and decide on the venue, regardless of the cost,” Mr Shanmugam added.

“You have a duty to make sure that the residents’ money is properly spent.”

Second Minister for National Development Desmond Lee was copied in the letter, said Mr Shanmugam. 

Source: CNA/ek