Condominium fined S$2,000 for failing to fix leaking pipe: PUB

Condominium fined S$2,000 for failing to fix leaking pipe: PUB

Nicon Gardens Google Maps
Screengrab from Google Maps of Nicon Gardens condominium.

SINGAPORE: A condominium has been fined S$2,000 after it failed to repair a service pipe that leaked for four days, national water agency PUB said on Wednesday (Jul 18).

PUB received public feedback about water leakage at Nicon Gardens located at Choa Chu Kang Road on Jun 28. It found that there was an underground service pipe leak within the condominium compound.

PUB said it instructed the management to rectify the leak immediately to stem the water wastage. 

"To facilitate quick repairs, we provided them with a list of licensed plumbers to engage. Over the following two days, PUB carried out site inspections and gave repeated reminders to the management to expedite repairs," the water agency said.

Residents also called to ask about the follow-up but the management still failed to comply, PUB said.

PUB issued a total of three notices to the Nicon Gardens management from Jun 29 to Jul 2 to repair the leak immediately and prevent further water wastage. 

Repairs were eventually carried out on Jul 2, four days after the leak was first reported.

This resulted in a loss of about 4,000 cu m of water, which could fill 1.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools and is about four times the entire condominium’s average monthly water usage.

"We find such deliberate water wastage unacceptable ... Nicon Gardens wasted four months’ worth of water in just four days due to its inaction, despite repeated instructions from PUB to fix the leak”, said Mr Ridzuan Ismail, Director, Water Supply (Network) Department.

Failure to comply with a PUB notice to repair a water service installation is an offence, PUB said. 

The Nicon Gardens management was fined S$2,000 as this is its first offence. The maximum penalty for the offence is a fine of up to S$10,000, jail of up to 12 months or both.

Source: CNA/hm