Double-decker bus crashes into shelter at taxi stand opposite VivoCity

Double-decker bus crashes into shelter at taxi stand opposite VivoCity

Vivocity bus 2
Passengers at the upper deck of the bus were "shocked" when it hit the roof of a shelter, but no one was injured, an eyewitness said. (Photo: Agnes Tan)

SINGAPORE: A Tower Transit double-decker bus was damaged after it crashed into the roof of a sheltered taxi stand opposite VivoCity on Monday morning (Jul 31). 

Tower Transit said the bus captain mistook the sheltered taxi stand for the bus stop - which is a short distance away - and attempted to pull into the bay, causing the roof of the bus to hit the shelter.

The taxi stand along Telok Blangah Road is around 50m before the bus stop. 

None of the eight passengers on board at the time were hurt, and they were safely transferred to the next bus to continue their journeys, a spokesperson for the bus operator said. 

Ms Agnes Tan, who was on the service 97 bus when the accident occurred at about 7.20am, said she and other commuters heard "loud noises of the bus roof rubbing something". 

Ms Tan said she and other passengers sitting on the upper deck of the bus were "quite shocked", and thought the bus roof might collapse. They alighted from the bus and informed the driver of the damage at the upper deck, she added. 

Vivocity bus
Bus 97 sustained damage to the top of its roof after the driver drove into the shelter of the pick-up point. (Photo: Agnes Tan)

"Luckily, nobody was injured, including the ones seated in front (of the) upper deck," Ms Tan said. 

The driver also appeared to be "slightly shocked" and checked that nobody was hurt, and called the Tower Transit control centre for assistance. He apparently blamed himself for driving into the wrong stop, according to the eyewitness. 

Channel NewsAsia has reached out to the Land Transport Authority for comment.

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Source: CNA/mz