Drunk man pushed fellow construction worker into drain, gets jail

Drunk man pushed fellow construction worker into drain, gets jail

9 Tagore Lane
The incident happened at 9 Tagore Lane. (Image: Google Street View)

SINGAPORE: He lost his balance in a drunken stupor and fell, but his fellow construction worker was watching a movie on his phone and did not help him up.

Angered, the intoxicated man pushed the victim into a drain, causing him to fracture his toe and injure his head.

For causing grievous hurt by a rash act, 35-year-old Indian national Muthu Nagarajan was sentenced to six weeks' jail on Wednesday (Jan 15).

The court heard that the two men worked as construction workers and were at 9 Tagore Lane on the night of Apr 28 last year.

The victim, a 32-year-old Bangladeshi national, was watching a movie on his handphone when Muthu came out of his dormitory to sit near him.

Because Muthu was drunk, he lost his balance and fell, but the victim did not notice this, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Hsiao Tien.

After Muthu regained his balance, he confronted the victim about not helping him. The latter said he was watching a show and did not see Muthu.

Angry that the victim had not helped him, Muthu pushed the man on his chest with both hands, while the victim was sitting on a piece of concrete beside a drain.

The victim fell backwards and landed inside the drain. 

Muthu did not help him out of the drain, the court heard.

The victim, who had fainted, woke up five minutes later and was helped out by a passer-by.

He called the police and was taken to hospital, where he was found with a fractured toe, bruising on his head and abrasions on his feet.

He also suffered tenderness on his spine and could not move his neck fully due to the pain.

He was given 14 days' medical leave and returned to the hospital a few days after the incident to be warded for acute back pain.

The prosecutor listed several aggravating factors, including that the attack was unprovoked and that Muthu had been drunk.

However, she took into consideration that he was a first-time offender.

Muthu, who was unrepresented, told the court through an interpreter that he committed the offence without realising the consequences.

Addressing the court with his hands in a praying pose, Muthu said he had a wife and two young children, and assured the judge that this would be the first and last time he committed any offence.

For causing grievous hurt by a rash act endangering personal safety, he could have been jailed for up to four years, fined a maximum S$10,000 or both.

Source: CNA/ll(hs)