E-scooter user narrowly avoids getting run over by van

E-scooter user narrowly avoids getting run over by van

A video posted on the Roads.sg Facebook page shows the e-scooter user jumping out of the path of a van which ploughs right into his ride.

E-scooter user jumps out of path of van

SINGAPORE: The green man flashes at a pedestrian crossing. A man mounts his e-scooter and pushes off to make way his way across the road. In a matter of seconds, a van making a right turn comes through and the e-scooter rider narrowly avoids getting hit by jumping out of the way.

A dashboard camera video, posted to the Roads.sg community Facebook page past midnight on Sunday (Jan 8) shows the jaw-dropping near-miss at the junction of Upper Serangoon Road and Hougang Avenue 4, in front of the Nativity Church Centre. A timestamp shows the video was recorded at 3.20pm on Saturday.

The 23-second video ends with the e-scooter rider sitting down on the road in apparent shock.

Channel NewsAsia understands that the driver of the van stopped to see if the e-scooter user was all right and that the man was not injured.

Source: CNA/ly