Advisory panel recommends registration for all e-scooters

Advisory panel recommends registration for all e-scooters

File photo of e-scooters impounded by enforcement officers. (Photo: Elizabeth Neo)

SINGAPORE: E-scooter riders may soon have to register their personal mobility devices, should the Government accept a proposal put forward by the Active Mobility Advisory Panel (AMAP).

The aim is to increase user responsibility and facilitate enforcement against errant riders, said panel chairman Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim in a Facebook post on Thursday (Feb 22). 

"After careful deliberation, the AMAP panel has submitted our recommendation to MOT (Ministry of Transport) to put in place a registration requirement for all e-scooters," he wrote.

Dr Faishal added that the some members of the panel have observed an increasing number of e-scooter riders travelling in an inconsiderate and reckless manner. 

"This is something we are very concerned about. We cannot allow these errant riders to cause harm and compromise the safety of other path and road users," he said.

The 14-member panel had previously suggested that all e-bikes be registered. The recommendation was made in March 2016, accepted by the Government a month later and the registration process started in August 2017.

Even as new rules are being proposed for e-scooters, Dr Faishal said the panel is "encouraged" to see more people cycling and using personal mobility devices to get around", noting that most of them are riding safely on public paths. 

"We should continue to encourage such positive behaviour going forward," Dr Faishal said. 

"The AMAP panel will continue to review the existing rules and code of conduct for cycling and use of PMDs so that we can provide a safe environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and PMD users. We want to encourage responsible and good riding behaviour, and sharing of paths for everyone." 

Source: CNA/ng