All East-West Line stations to have shorter weekend operational hours in March

All East-West Line stations to have shorter weekend operational hours in March

Early opening Main Pic buona vista Dec 9
A commuter outside Buona Vista MRT Station on Dec 9, 2017, the first morning of delayed opening times along the East-West Line. (Photo: Vanessa Paige Chelvan)

SINGAPORE: Operating hours at all 35 stations along the East-West Line (EWL) will be shortened on every weekend in March as maintenance and renewal works on the rail line continue, SMRT said on Friday (Jan 19).

The shorter operational hours will allow multiple teams to carry out maintenance and rail renewal works concurrently, the transport operator said. 

"This will also accelerate the implementation of the Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) system on the EWL by June 2018," it added. 

Shorter operating hours in March MRT graphic

In addition to shorter operational hours on weekends, the early closure and late opening arrangements will include Mar 12 (Monday) and Mar 14 (Wednesday) during the week-long school holiday.

SMRT Table 4

On top of that, the shorter operational hours for 10 stations along the EWL on weekends in January will continue until the first weekend in February.  

SMRT Table 1

Four shuttle bus services will continue operations in February when train services end earlier or start later than usual, SMRT said.

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On the North-South Line (NSL), train services between Orchard and Marina South Pier MRT stations will continue to operate at longer intervals of 10 to 15 minutes after 11pm on Feb 2 (Friday) and Feb 3 (Saturday), and before 7am on Feb 3 (Saturday) and Feb 4 (Sunday).

From Feb 2 to 4, there will also be no train service between City Hall and Raffles Place MRT stations on the NSL. Commuters travelling between these stations will have to use the EWL. 

SMRT Table 3

Source: CNA/am /zl