Elected MPs pay S$365 a year for parking at HDB car parks and Parliament House

Elected MPs pay S$365 a year for parking at HDB car parks and Parliament House

SINGAPORE: Elected Members of Parliament (MPs) pay S$365 for an annual permit that allows them to park at Housing & Development Board (HDB) car parks when doing constituency work and at Parliament House when on official business, the Ministry of National Development (MND) said on Monday (Jun 25).

The amount is "a proportion of" the current HDB season parking rate, MND said in responses to The Straits Times that were shared with Channel NewsAsia. For HDB residents' first parking lot, the monthly parking charge is S$80 for surface car parks and S$110 for sheltered car parks.

"The rate is a proportion of the prevailing HDB season parking rate since MPs do not park overnight or full day at their constituencies," the MND said, adding that the permit fee was increased from S$260 in 2016. 

"This rate is about a third of prevailing HDB season parking rates. We will continue to review and update the parking rate regularly to keep pace with prevailing HDB parking rates," MND said. 

Non-constituency MPs and Nominated MPs are not given this permit, MND added.

To facilitate grassroots volunteers in their community work, those who drive may apply for a monthly HDB special parking label which allows them to park, up to 11pm, in designated car parks within the constituency or GRC where they serve, the People's Association (PA) said in a separate response to media queries. 

To qualify, they have to be appointed to serve in the citizens consultative committees, community centre/club management committees and their sub-committees, PA said.

Those who live in an HDB estate must first buy a residential season parking label while non-HDB dwellers must pay S$22 a month for the special parking label.

"Our grassroots volunteers regularly help out in house visits, especially to the old and vulnerable who need assistance, as well as in organising community activities and dialogues to strengthen neighbourly ties," PA said. 

Earlier in March, the Ministry of Education (MOE) confirmed that teachers would have to pay monthly season parking rates from Aug 1 this year.

The move came after MOE reviewed its car park policy for schools after the Auditor-General's Office (AGO) flagged in 2015 that the Institute of Technical Education, Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Polytechnic did not impose charges or had charges that were below the market rate. 

"Such practices are tantamount to providing hidden subsidies for vehicle parking and are not in line with the requirements laid down in the Government Instruction Manuals," the AGO had said.

The annual rate for parking in schools for an uncovered lot is S$720 while that for a sheltered lot is S$960.

The Public Service Division has said that public officers are required to pay car park charges at their workplace in line with the clean wage policy.

"This is to ensure there are no hidden benefits," PSD said.

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) imposed market rate season parking charges on six more MINDEF and Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) camps and bases from Apr 1. 

Channel NewsAsia understands that the charges are S$120 per month for covered car parks and S$90 per month for open-air car parks.

This fee applies to all permanent staff members, as well as contractors who require a car park lot on a regular basis. 

"Operationally ready national servicemen who are going for their in-camp training and other operationally ready national service activities will continue not to be charged for parking their cars in all camp/bases," MINDEF said.

Source: CNA/na(hm)