Ex-police officer jailed for sexually abusing autistic boy

Ex-police officer jailed for sexually abusing autistic boy

The 53-year-old molested the mentally disabled teen in a shower cubicle at a swimming complex and then went to his home days later and sexually assaulted the boy in his own bed.

SINGAPORE: A former Voluntary Special Constabulary (VSC) officer who sexually abused an autistic and mentally disabled 17-year-old boy was sentenced to five years’ jail on Wednesday (May 25).

Koon Kok Wai, 53, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to one count for outrage of modesty and one count for sexually assaulting the victim in 2014. Another outrage of modesty charge was taken into consideration during sentencing.

Koon met the victim in May 2014 in the course of his duties as a VSC officer. Koon had attended to a call by a member of the public concerned about the victim and found him lying on the pavement. The boy ran away upon seeing the uniformed officers, but Koon and his fellow officer managed to calm him down, and Koon noted the boy’s personal particulars.

He contacted the boy a few days later and befriended him via telephone calls, also visiting the teen and buying him food.

On Jun 12, 2014, Koon met the boy at a public swimming pool. After a swim, Koon entered the same shower cubicle as the victim and molested him.

Days later, Koon called the victim again. After learning the boy was alone at home, Koon showed up at the victim’s home, where he sexually assaulted the teen in his own bed.

He told the boy not to tell his mother that he had come to their home, despite having contacted the boy’s mother earlier to let her know he would look after the boy. His mother was grateful for Koon’s help, the court heard, as she was busy taking care of her ill husband.

On Jun 16, Koon called the boy again, wanting to meet. This time, the victim’s mother joined them. Koon suggested that the boy spend the night with him, but the victim’s mother declined.

A few days later, the boy told his mother that Koon was “crazy” and eventually told his mother that Koon had sexually abused him.


In court on Wednesday, Deputy Public Prosecutor Lin Yinbing said the boy’s “unique disposition” and “affected mental capabilities” made it difficult for him to articulate the abuse. Koon was aware of the boy’s extremely low IQ, the DPP said.

“The power differentiation in the relationship between this seemingly caring officer and the victim further ensured that the victim was utterly defenceless,” DPP Lin added.

With plenty of time alone with the boy, Koon was free to sexually groom and abuse the victim “to gratify himself”, DPP Lin noted.

The prosecutor added that Koon had no qualms about taking advantage of the boy's mother as well, “feigning sincerity” and promising the woman that her son would be taken care of as she looked after her ailing husband. The father died soon after, in late June.

Urging the court to impose five years’ jail on Koon, the DPP also noted his actions were premeditated, and that he had abused his position as a police officer to exploit the victim.

Defence lawyer A Ravidass urged the court to be lenient, saying Koon is sorry for his actions.

For outrage of modesty, Koon could have been jailed up to two years and caned. For sexually assaulting the boy, Koon could have been jailed up to 20 years and caned. However, as he is above 50 years old, Koon is not liable for caning.

Source: CNA/xk